Dare To Dream Again!

At S & A Group, we believe in dreams and yes, dreams do come true! We are focused on helping create leaders in and out of the workplace.  We currently have over 100 agents who are pursuing the life of their dreams.  Here at S&A Group, we understand that to get something you've never had, you have to do some things you've never done, so we are not only committed to professional development, but personal development as well.  We strive to create a foundation for you that is rooted in integrity, entrepreneurship and legacy building, so that you can build and live the life of your dreams!


COMMITMENT REQUIRED!  Yes, that's right.  We are committed to your success, but for this to work, you must be too!  We are not promising a get rich quick scheme, it requires a recipe of  consistency, hard work and dedication.  As a result, our agents are creating wealth because of those simple components and we'd love for you too as well!  


We are a final expense insurance agency that provides individuals with coverage to help their families in what may be the most difficult time of their lives.  With the average funeral in Mississippi and Alabama costing over $8,000, we assist our clients in securing a cash benefit policy to help cover the cost of final expenses.



"I'm so proud to be a part of this group. The leadership is super awesome. I can't believe how much I have grown personally and my growing income. It's like family with a bond that can never be broken. I'm excited about the growth and where we are going. If you don't do anything join this movement for something already great and that will be greater. I'm all in!!!" 

— Tony L. Williams

"Words can't describe the value of this opportunity ! What makes this opportunity so special is you are able to determine your own worth..and be compensated directly in line with the efforts that you put in ! Who wouldn't want that ?!"

— Hasan MrSuccess Carriel

I couldn't be more proud to work for such an excellent organization that really goes far and beyond to ensure your success! If you are looking for an opportunity to grow personally, professionally, and financially this is the place to do it! Come join a winning team!!! We are now hiring all over the great state of Alabama!!!

— Rodsey E. Smith